About Melinda Lericos

meimgMelinda is a Licensed Professional Counselor who works with both adolescents and adults. Melinda seeks to utilize the strengths of her clients by incorporating empowerment, hope, mindfulness, and logic to aid in the development of skills and applicable solutions for each person’s unique challenges. Melinda’s passion is working with those who are overcoming traumatic experiences, and struggling with disordered eating patterns by addressing concerns such as anxiety, low self-worth, and ineffective relational patterns. She also has a passion for walking beside adolescents and teens as they navigate the complexities of school, identity, and self-differentiation. Melinda’s background and education in counseling and nutrition enable her to bring a well-rounded and holistic approach to the counseling relationship that balances the many aspects of the human experience. She is respectful and appreciative of all cultures, ethnicity, religions, and backgrounds of those she serves. Melinda is certified as both a trauma professional and a DBT therapist.

Melinda currently works as the Program Coordinator and Primary therapist at Thalia House KC and as an outpatient therapist at Resonate Relationship Clinic. To schedule with Melinda, refer to the “request appointment” page.

BS Food and Nutrition: Dietetics – Northwest Missouri State University

MA Counseling and Guidance – University of Missouri, Kansas City


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